Zouli Talks New Music, 2KBABY Cosign & More

Zouli is a 20 year old artist from Montreal, Canada. Having drawn inspiration from artists like Juice WRLD, and more, Zouli has developed his own extremely unique sound. This sound has not gone unnoticed as it has received “cosigns” from artists like 2KBABY and UnoTheActivist. As well as features on platforms like Lyrical Lemonade and RapNation.

Lets take a look at the questions we asked Zouli-

How did you come up with your artist name?

I got it from my last name “azoulay” that’s just what most people would call me and I found it unique to use as an artist name too

Who/what got you into making music?

I was born into music honestly my dad would play it all the time, he’s really the one who put me onto all the old school shit and not just hip hop it was really a mix of everything and eventually i just developed my own taste in music it was always something I studied and was always super interested in at this point i feel like i was born to just do something that has to do with music

If you could have 1 free feature from any artist, who would it be?

that’s a tough question there’s so many good artists rn especially the ones coming up but i’d have to say boogie i feel like we’d make some crazy shit

What was it like getting cosigned by 2KBaby and others?

definitely felt like the work was starting to pay off a little and it fs motivated me to keep going at it cus i gotta be doing something right

Do you have any new music dropping soon?

just dropped a tape abt 2 weeks ago and a song w bigbabygucci on the 25th but definitely gonna keep the drops frequent I’m tryna expand my music catalog and give my supporters more to hear cus i got so much unreleased music and I feel like i don’t have enough released music yet so u can definitely be expecting some new shit soon

After reaching over ten thousand streams on one of his earliest releases through no promotion other than word of mouth. Zouli was overwhelmed and took a break from music. In 2022, Zouli is back and ready to be the next big thing.