YKM Rob drops off new banger “Step In The Party”

YKM Rob – “Step In The Party”

YKM Rob is a 15-year-old underground artist based out of Florida. He is an independent artist who is just starting to take off. Rob has also shot music videos for artists like Ru3. This single “Step In The Party” is one of his first official releases. He has previewed multiple unreleased songs, which all seem to be fire.

“Step In The Party” has a high-quality music video and it has racked up 3,000+ views since January 9th. With a bouncy beat and perfectly tuned vocals listening to this track is a delight. You can hear the influence of Lil Uzi Vert and Hyperpop on this track which Rob executed to his fullest.

“Step In The Party” by YKM Rob is a must-listen if you like listening to artists like Prentiss and Voda Fuji. This music video looks like a high-grade production which is an upside for any upcoming artist.