Yeat also known as “Noah Oliver Smith ” is a rapper based out of Portland Oregon and born Irvine California. Before becoming a rapper He would play sports but claimed that “wasn’t good at no sport”. It is rumored that he moved to New York due to the lack of a music scene in Oregon back in 2018. His interest in music started as a child as growing up his father was in a band. Growing up he listened to rappers like T-Pain, Jay-Z and Kanye West. But his main inspirations while making music are Future and Young Thug. 

If you were wondering does Yeat smoke? He says that he smoked weed for the first time when he was 15. But then when he moved to New York he stopped smoking as it was making him less productive and he would get too high. At the age of 16 he started rapping under the name “Lil Yeat”, this was because his high school friend had a studio in his room and he pushed Yeat to make music. Yeat mentions that his first few tracks were nothing special and later on he found his sound. Yeat got his name when he was high and he wanted it to be only 1 word long and something people would feel they have already heard.


Yeat’s slang

Yeat’s fanbase have their own cultured slang. This includes words like “Lüh” which means “lil”, “Twizzy” which means “twin” and many more words. He says that he came up with this slang by himself after being inspired by his father, who often made his own words up.

Now if you had questions like “ Is Yeat Mexican? “ or “ What is Yeat’s ethnicity? ” The answer is Yeat’s ethnicity is Mexican and Romanian. With his mother being from Romania and his father being from Mexico. Yeat starting blowing up when his song “Sorry Bout That” started going viral on TikTok. Another one of his first viral songs was “Get Busy”. This stood out to many people because it had a bell sound which wasn’t on the original beat sent by the producer and it felt more “turnt”. 


Yeat has had co-signs from big industry names like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd and Playboi Carti. He released his last project titled “Up 2 Më” back in September of 2021. Which contained some of his most popular songs to date. Yeat is reportedly signed to Interscope Records. He also has an album dropping in January and a music video with Lyrical Lemonade.

He currently has 2 Million+ monthly listeners on Spotify, 500k+ followers on Instagram and 100k+ followers on SoundCloud.