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Weekly Discovery : Jelani Imani

Jelani Imani is an artist based out of Georgia, who had his first public release back in February 2017. His most popular song is ‘A Gram!’, which currently has 239k+ streams/views on Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube combined. Jelani is a self-produced rapper. When he was younger he worked as a voice actor for the character ‘Goby’ in the show ‘Bubble Guppies’ in season 1 and 2. Back in November 2019, ‘Patrick Cc’ made a video on Jelani, giving him more exposure. He has released 4 albums and 7 EP’s. Kenny Mason and Hadiya George are among the musicians with whom Jelani has collaborated.

Must listen from Jelani Imani- 

  1. A Gram!
  2. U already u
  3. Orignal!


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