UGS: The Sound Of The Underground

Underground Sound aka UGS, is an app for artists who are looking to get their music out there for free and in return get genuine feedback. One of the most used features on the app is the “Dig” feed, which uses an algorithm to help listeners find new artists based on their listening preferences. There is also a feature to reward the artists directly. And with the feature of reviewing artist’s music it helps them build credibility in the community.


UGS is currently only available on the App Store and in the USA, but they are planning to expand in 2022 with a webapp/website which will be available globally. They are also working on getting the app on android which will likely be launched in the summer of 2022.

How is it different from other platforms?

UGS stands out from other streaming platforms because it encourages authentic, real organic engagement through our review system. Instead of comments, which are meaningless, users are encouraged to leave reviews on tracks with a rating out of 100”

Honest reviews from UGS users

“As someone who knows the creators and how passionate they are, this app is destined to become the next big thing. It has a very user-friendly interface reminiscent of Tik Tok with everything you need right there. It tries to reward feedback and is always evolving. A must download for any underground artist looking for something different” – Loose Morals Promo, Instagram page and music enthusiast

“The UGS has honestly been pretty crucial to my development over the year. While I’ve enjoyed using it as a music platform, the advice and feedback given on there is tremendous for anyone going to the next level.” – Angvl, artist and music enthusiast

UGS’ recent update added features like direct messages, group chats with upto 50 members and file sharing through chat. The app boasts a 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App Store with 200+ reviews