titus mclauren

Titus Mclauren : The Up-n-coming Producer

Titus McLauren aka Harry Hare is an upcoming artist on the rise to success. Titus has always had a passion for music at just an early age. “I’ve always had a love for music ever since I was a kid. My dad has a massive record collection that he has been collecting since he was a teenager. From jazz-funk, soul hip, hop, and Regge Latin, my father was a music consor and he put me on a lot at a very young age.”

Titus joined a band in middle school & fell in love with the art of music at an early age. “I started to from getting influenced by his infatuation and joined the band in middle school and then I joined an actual band in hs. We called ourselves 2nd thought and we played punk and alternative rock music. I’ve always loved making music, playing instruments (guitar and bass keys) ever since I was 13.”

Titus picked up the art of producing in 2015. Producing was an outlet for Titus to escape his problems. ” I then picked on producing back in 2015. I had a lot of stuff going in life at that time, so producing was my outlet for a lot of stuff.” Titus aka Harry started taking production seriously in 2016 when he made the hit song ” Pose”, which is yet to release with “tevinblume”.

Titus is from Columbia SC “The 803. There’s a lot of potential out here for some individuals, but I want to be the one to change the social outlook of Columbia”. Titus has plans in the future to progress in his career and produce for larger artists to gain traction. “The plans I have for the future in music are getting placements, trying to find artists that push the border, and being completely progressive and create a cultural impact and create longevity. Might get into dj’in dunno yet, it’s hard but not hard as a producer, you just kinda make shit and lead the way.”

Titus has plans to finish up these upcoming tracks he is working on. He has no plans to rush.” probably dropping another platform and eventually running my YouTube channel and finishing these projects with the multiple artists I’m working with…these are my brothers, so I’m taking my time with these projects I’m producing. I’ll be traveling a lot too..you’ll randomly start seeing me everywhere.”

Check out Titus on Instagram @Titus Mclauren