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Surf releases new album ‘Archangel’

Surf releases new album ‘Archangel’. Surf is a 22 year old rapper, producer and songwriter. The supposed announcement for the album was on 6th October through his Instagram, where he shared the cover art and the tracklist.

The album has 13 songs, 3 features and is 31 minutes and 16 seconds long. The features on the album are Yeat, Jovanis Cain and Nasaan. Some songs on the album have Surf’s iconic 808’s, which are also present in some of his most popular songs such as ‘Fight’ and ‘Better Days’. The personal favorite song from the album was ‘Made In Korea’

This is Surf’s 11th album and has also released 1 EP back in France of 2021. Surf’s most popular song is Fight which has 1.2M+ streams on Spotify. Surf has worked with artists like BIGBABYGUCCI and Groovelly.

Archangel – Surf

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