Interview With Shmoneymo

Shmoneymo is an underground rapper based out of Charlotte, NC. He had his first public release back in November 2018. ‘On The Coast’ is the song that originally blew up, which to this date has around 35,000 streams/views on YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud combined. 

His colorful personality and vibrant emotions highlight his signature high-energy raps and melodies. He has released 3 albums, ‘OVERDRIVE’, ‘Mo Power’ and ‘The Legend Of Mo’. 

Now let’s take a look into the questions we asked him-

How did you come up with your artist name?

“I came up with my artist name in my friends basement 😂 We were rapping and the name just came out my a*s tbh it stuck tho”

What/who got you into music?

“One of my friends in high school made a song on Soundcloud that I really liked and he invited me over to spit a verse. Then I just fell in love with music in general and I started meeting producers right around that time”

Did you see any change in your career after being featured in a Patrick CC video?

“After I was featured in Patrick’s Discord Talent Show I got a huge boost of followers and listeners to my music. It was nice being able to reach a new demographic and I still have people tuning into my music from that video to this day”

Who would you like to have as a feature on one of your songs?

“Dream Feature: definitely a song with Young Thug, Kanye West, or J Cole. Those are my three biggest inspirations”

Do you have any new music/projects coming soon?

“I just dropped my second studio album OVERDRIVE a few months ago so like I’m really focused on releasing music videos and promoting that as much as I can right now. I definitely will be back in album mode and releasing a new project next year ☮️☮️☮️”

A message to your fans?

“A message to my fans: I appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen and engage with my content. It really does wonders for my brand and it helps me improve my craft! So if you’ve ever given my content a chance I got nothing but love and respect for ya ❤️❤️❤️”


Patrick CC featured Shmoneymo in one of his video’s back in November 2020. Where he performed his song ‘Pop That A*s’, which garnered him more exposure. 

Shmoneymo has been consistently releasing music videos throughout 2021, for songs from his project ‘OVERDRIVE’. He has worked with artists like Cutthroat Arrogant and Lloyd OP. 

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