shaun bily

Shaun Bily releases new single “Caution” with Lil Uber

Shaun Bily is an underground artist based out of Pennsylvania who has been mastering his craft in multiple genres like Pop and Rap. He lets his fans absorb the emotions in his songs through his amazing voice, lyricism and melodies. Shaun released his first single back in 2020 and since then has been dropping consistently. Having worked with artists like Matthew Tuck and LosingLucid, Shaun is just getting started at growing his discography.

Starting the new year with a banger, Shaun releases the single “Caution” with a perfectly fitting feature from Lil Uber. The song has production credits from Gavin Hadley, 23 Questions and Ayoleybeats. The cover art on the single fits the vibe of the track, which is one of the things Shaun has been doing for his recent drops. 

Check out “Caution” by Shaun Bily and Lil Uber