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Samad Savage Interview : New Music, Origin, and More

Samad Savage is an artist who’s going to change the world, or at least change yours. At seventeen, he realized that his ultimate purpose was to have a positive effect on the world around him. Leading to the leadership of the remaining good people that were left in it. He released his first EP, ‘Some Odd World’ in late 2016. Building a loyal following and leaving his audience stunned, impatiently awaiting his next move. 

Let’s take a look at the questions we asked him-

From where did the name ” Samad Savage ” originate?

“Part of the name was given to me by my older brother who also taught me how to work on my craft when it came to lyricism. This is after a series of many many whack names”

Which song of yours are you the most proud of?

“I would say the song that I am most proud of is no more hashtags because it was for a good cause and it was me being extremely creative when it came to the production side too. I recorded a bunch of layered vocals and the style of a 70s funk song and then sampled it”

If you could work with any artist/producer in the world, who would it be?

“A lot of people ask me who I would work with, the truth is that it’s a different answer for every generation. In short, my favorite artist of all time is Stevie Wonder though.”

What or who got you into music?

“I don’t think any specific thing or anyone got me into Music. I believe it’s always been in me and I’ve always given an insane amount of focus to meticulous things in music since childhood. For a kid growing up with ADHD, it taught me how to tap in on my hyperfocus.”

Can fans expect any new music dropping soon?

“You can expect an abundance of music to drop soon, I’m always working on things and trying out new things. It’s just a matter of how cohesive I can make it and God inspires me.”

samad savage

In 2017, Samad also released a thumping new single “OMG,” earning recognition on sites like EARMILK and The Pit London. Samad’s most important release however, was his debut album, ‘The Grey Area’ (June 28th, 2018). This game-changing project not only showcased Samad’s raw talent as an MC – such as his masterful delivery, complex rhyme schemes, remarkably polished and versatile flow and his sometimes superhuman speed – but it also conveyed powerful themes and lyrical substance.

The album openly deals with difficult subject matter, such as child abuse, that is seldom touched upon with such transparency in the overwhelming majority of hip-hop. Samad is once again, using his platform altruistically, starting by offering his fans a download of his incredibly poignant song, “Progress,” in exchange for a donation to ChildHelp, a charity that fights against child abuse. Needless to say, Samad Savage is an artist that you’ll be hearing more about, his music and his message continuing to impact his listeners as they will eventually impact the whole world.