rappers who are related

Rappers Who You Probably Didn’t Know Were Related

Rappers who are related

The rap game is a big community with a lot of strangers but one after the other you will find someone you know. A lot of big rappers have younger relatives who are following their footsteps. Music is not usually one of the things that runs in the blood but here it is.

For example underground artist UnoTheActivist is related to Playboi Carti. You can hear Carti’s influence on Uno’s music but that’s probably non ONLY because they are related.

Recently blown up rapper Baby Keem is related to Kendrick Lamar, but this is one of the more known ones. Kendrick was also featured on Keem’s project, giving us more clearance on the relationship. 

baby keem and kendrick lamar

Underground-mainstream artist Yeat linked up with Drake sometime back and the underground community went wild, well apparently they are related. Even though their music is not really that similar their viraitly is. Yeat has had multiple songs go viral on TikTok fetching him 6 Million monthly listeners and features from artists like Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert. 

yeat and drake

Well, one of the more obvious ones were the Migos. Takeoff, Offset and Quavo, are the 3 brothers who have been changing music since 2013. Though recent rumours have brought up information that the Migos might be splitting up.

Most of the information for this post was taken from our friends over at UndergroundSound or UGS.

Rappers who are related