pusha t it's almost dry

Pusha T It’s Almost Dry Album Review

Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry

In 2018, Pusha T’s Kanye produced album Daytona was regarded as an instant classic and a staple in the coke rap genre. Daytona boasts a runtime of only 21 minutes, but is a powerhouse of instrumentals and lyrics. The follow up to Daytona borrows its minimalist structure, and proves Pusha’s mastery of his craft by also not needing an extensive runtime to get his point across.

It’s Almost Dry is concise, but filled to the brim with bars. That showcase the current stage in the evolution of Pusha’s brand of coke rap. Production by both Pharrell and Kanye create a unique atmosphere that only sounds fit for Pusha T. After Daytona’s massive success it’s clear that he’s found his lane with these soulful, sample heavy beats. Push effortlessly finds a pocket and raps in a way that exudes extreme confidence. This confidence frames the telling of stories of drug rings in Virginia, avoiding the law and living at a level of luxury his past self could never imagine.

Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry

Through all of Pusha T’s projects the story is essentially the same. What makes the projects different is how he decides to go about telling the story. And what pieces of it he wants to hone in on. The first song “Brambleton” brings attention to the estranged relationship between him and former Clipse manager Anthony ‘Geezy’ Gonzales. “Let The Smokers Shine The Coupes” is a track that perfectly captures Pusha T’s main skill. The creatively descriptive ways he’s able to talk about selling drugs. He raps: “If money is the evil root/Let the smokers shine the coupes/Rich bitches that love the boost/I’m just here to find the truth/If kilograms is the groove/I done sold the golden goose/I got ’em, baby, I’m Jim Perdue/Cocaine’s Dr. Seuss” 

“Dreamin Of The Past” samples Donny Hathaway’s 1972 cover of John Lennon’s 1971 song “Jealous Guy.” The vibe is upbeat and energetic, and provides the foundation for one of Pusha’s strongest performance on the album. Kanye’s verse was solid too but it should have been longer. “Neck & Wrist” has an atmospheric instrumental with a light chorus by Pharell. Pusha’s delivery of lyrics is subdued but still maintains that same cleverness. Pharrell’s vocals nicely compliment the airy vibe of the track. Jay-Z came through with one of his best verses in years that made the song feel complete.

Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry

“Rock N Roll” is one of those songs that you have to run back after you first hear it. It samples Beyoncé’s “1+1” to create a dramatic and theatric experience. Pusha T raps about triumphs in his life and his superiority in the streets and in music. Cudi’s chorus is great. Kanye gives a personal verse starting with thoughts about how he survived Chicago but almost died once he got in a relationship with Kim Kardashian. The features mostly compliment the album well, and none are out of place except for the Don Toliver and Lil Uzi Vert verses on “Scrape It Off.” The song is good, but it doesn’t sound like it belongs on this project.

It’s Almost Dry is the culmination of all of Pusha T’s previous success. It takes time and experience to craft albums as cohesive and impressive as his last two. There’s a level of quality shown here that can only come with experience. This is why the cocky braggadocio of Pusha T’s lyrics is more than warranted. At this point in his career, he openly relishes in his authenticity amongst other rappers in the same vein as him.

Throughout It’s Almost Dry he implies that they’re frauds and don’t have the money they say they have- while on the contrary, he’s lived the life he raps about and actually has the wealth he claims he has. Pusha T is constantly improving his sound. As the production for his albums improves, his writing and delivery does the same. It’s Almost Dry is the latest accomplishment in his career and it doesn’t seem like he plans on slowing down any time soon. 

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