patrick cc

Patrick CC – A Hip-Hop/Rap YouTuber

Patrick Cc is a Hip-hop/Rap youtuber and a water drinking enthusiast who has 549k subscribers from his main channel and second channel combined. His most popular videos are in the lines of ‘Asking 100 Rappers for their feature/booking prices’, these videos have done very well on his channel. He is growing everyday and is doing new things like executive producing albums with underrated and underground artists. Continue reading to find out more. 

Patrick was first into music but not rap or hip-hop, he was into dubstep and EDM type of music. And in his late high school years he used to sell tickets to EDM shows in New Jersey, New York City etcetera. Then he got into making music in FL Studio after seeing one of his friends make music. He mostly used to make dubstep, and would upload it on Soundcloud under the artist name of ‘Shank’ which is still up on Soundcloud. He would make and upload music up till he reached around 2000 followers on Soundcloud. And then stopped making music completely.  But he was still selling tickets to shows. 

After this is when Patrick really got into the rap scene, he had just started listening to emo rap. And also had just started his ‘Patrick CC’ Youtube channel. He would listen to Lil Peep and wanted to find more underground artists like him. One of the first videos of his that took off was a list video namely ‘TOP 5 SADBOY SOUNDCLOUD RAPPERS (that u should know)’ where he mentioned rappers like Convolk and Guccihighwaters. Convolk saw the video and DM’d Patrick. When this happened Convolk only had around 1000 followers and it was the start of his career too. Patrick supported Convolk and so did he in return. Patrick sold Convolk some vintage clothes and met up with him in New York City, which he vlogged and uploaded on his channel which is still viewable to this day. 

After all this it was around the time of Summer 2018, he had just finished his college studies and either had to find a job or do Youtube full time. He asked his father and his father said to give it a try. 1 month after that Patrick hit 1000 subscribers.

Then around the time of thanksgiving he went on tour with Guardin. Then after half of the tour with Guardin he went on tour with Convolk. After coming back from the tours, he would do livestreams where artists could pay to get their song heard by Patrick and the viewers. 

Then came the month of July, where he gained 40,000+ subscribers after uploading the viral video ‘DM’ing 100 RAPPERS ASKING FOR A FEATURE PRICE’. He gained another 40,000+ subscribers in the month of August.

Now, Patrick has flown out his 2 of friends ‘Kev’ and ‘John’ who are incharge content production. He now streams on Twitch, where does the videos he would usually record and post, live with his viewers. These videos are uploaded on his second channel. And on his main channel it’s now about quality over quantity. 

Patrick CC now has also become an executive producer (DJ Khaled style). ‘Launch Sequence’ and ‘24’ are 2 albums he has executive produced with underground rappers and producers. 

Even though numbers are not everything, here is Patrick CC’s following all over social media  463k+ subscribers on YouTube (Main), 100k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, 44k+ followers on Instagram, 16.2k+ followers on Soundcloud and 11.k+ followers on Twitch.

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