Jbrisko Talks New Music, Childhood and Much More

Jbrisko is an underground rapper based out of Tampa, Florida. He released his first single back in 2016. Jbrisko’s come up was with the song “9 Tailz” featuring YZM, the song was posted on No Jumper’s YouTube channel, which as of right now has 121k+ views. His most popular song to this day was released back in October of 2020, the song was called “Power” which currently has 5.5 Million combined streams on all platforms.


Now lets take a look into the questions we asked him-

How did you come up with your artist name?

Jbrisko comes from ‘J’ being the first letter of my name Jordan. ‘Brisk’ meaning quickly/fast or swiftly. ‘O’ comes from the origins of the eye or ra the sun. So it translate to “Jordan the fast Sun”.

Who/what got you into making music?

Music has always struck my interest since I was a kid. Age 4 is the farthest I can remember. I was raised around a bunch of music heads, my parents, my uncles, my friends of family etc. So I was heavily influenced. And then 1 day I saw the video to “100 million dollars” by birdman. And that’s when I decided to actually start at age 11.

If you could have 1 free feature from any artist, who would it be?

If I could have 1 free ft, it would be with B.O.B

How did it feel after your song ‘Power’ blew up?

After power blew up, it was amazing fam. Lol the feeling is still fresh.

Do you have any new music dropping soon?

New music is always coming. “Power” & “SLO MO” is still having great impact at the moment.

A message to your fans and supporters.

Stand on what you know or fall for anything. I stand on 333 therefore I can’t fall.

Jbrisko has worked with artists like Traap and YZM. He has released 1 album and 2 EP’s. Jbrisko has 220k+ monthly listeners on Spotify and 35k+ followers on Instagram.