JAYJ releases new single “Counterfeit Can’t Stack” w/ Aesthetic Sounds


Aesthetic Sounds, is a music curation channel to display the best rap, sad rap, sad songs, underrated rap songs, indie, etc. They have worked with artists like Shaun Bily, Jumal Sosa and more.

On this track, they collaborated with Michigan native JAYJ, his sound gives off an emotional sound on modern beats. For JAYJ, music was all about overcoming adversity and not letting yourself become the product of a toxic situation. He has also been featured on popular YouTube channels like BangersOnly and Aarons.

“Counterfeit Can’t Stack” has gained upwards of 20,000 streams in less than 2 weeks. This was a highly anticipated drop for both JAYJ and Aesthetic Sounds’ fans. This sounds like something you would hear on the radio on your way back home, with high quality production, catchy hooks and great melodies, this isn’t one you would want to miss. 

Check out JAYJ’s “Counterfeit Can’t Stack” with Aesthetic Sounds