Interview With Tre$o

Tre$o is a rapper based out of Atlanta. He had his first release back in May 2016. One of the first songs by him that blew up is ‘i met heaven in hell ft bray costello’, it currently has 550k+ streams on Soundcloud. He currently has 5 albums released, and the most popular song from these albums is ‘Sage’ which currently has 86k+ on Spotify and 63k+ on Soundcloud. He has worked with artists like Cam Will and has been featured on 2 of the albums produced by Patrick CC.

Let’s take look into the questions we asked him –

  1. How did you come up with your artist name?

“I used to be really into the beast coast movement when I started rapping. My name started with Tre Swank and over time I decided to put some meaning behind my name so I came up with TRE$O. It actually holds an analogy (The Righteous Evidently Surpass Others) and it has a sub meaning. The $ is placed in the root of the name because money is the root of everything. I put a lot of thought into it because I’m somewhat a word nerd.”

  1. What do you think got you into music?

‘My mom has a breathtaking voice and she actually used to be an R&B singer. She will literally start singing anywhere and everywhere and always bring around her evidently made it easy to learn how to harmonize and start songwriting. But 2016 is when it really started. I had a friend in the neighborhood with a studio setup and after I made the first song it was history, I became addicted to it.”

-Image via Photoviasoul on Instagram
  1. How did you get in touch with Patrick CC?

“I met Patrick through his YouTube live streams, I would submit music from week to week and Patrick and the chat would always vibe with it. He eventually reached out and started showing love off strength and now we have a solid relationship. Shout out to Patrick.”

  1. Who would you like to have as a dream feature on one of your songs?

“My dream collab would be a tape with Uzi, that project would shake some sh*t up. And also SoFaygo, I feel like we’d make some out of body-atmospheric records.”

  1. Do you have any future music dropping soon?

“I’m dropping a project on July 23rd, called Off The Wall. It’s a different sound from me but still has all the clever punchlines and bass thumping 808s that everyone loves so definitely be on the lookout for that.”

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