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Interview with Lil Igloo

lil igloo is an underground artist who had his first release back in 2019 called ‘John Wick’ which as of now is still available to the public on his Soundcloud. He has one album released as of now called ‘Odd Genesis’ which is on all major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Recently he was featured on Youtuber/Executive producer Patrick CC’s Album ‘24’. 

Now lets look into the questions we asked him! –

How did you come up with your artist name?

“Honestly just messing around one day, I was like 11 and the first thing I thought of was “Igloo” so I typed it into SoundCloud and made my profile. Super random”.

What got you into making music?

“I’ve really been into music my whole life, I started playing guitar at a young age and got introduced to rap around 8 or 9. I didn’t record my first song till I was 11 or 12”.

Where are you from?

“I’m born and raised in Orlando, Florida”.

Any unreleased music which is going to be released soon?

“Yes. I’m super excited for two singles I have coming out this month and the next. And I’m super excited for my album dropping the month after”.

Who would you like to have as a dream feature on one of your songs?

“Two people, the first is goat Lil Baby. He’s been an inspiration of mine for the longest and even a 20 second verse from him would be a dream come true. The second one is a bit more unexpected, but Olivia Rodrigo. I think her style is super dope and she’s an amazing artist”.

Did the placement in the ‘24’ album by patrick cc help you get more followers/listeners?

“Very much so. 12 hours after the release , “Make It Out” was already my top song on Apple Music and Spotify, and I’ve gained around 200 followers on Instagram so far”.

Your favourite song by yourself? (Ours – Like That)

“Honestly my favorite song isn’t out yet, it’s an unreleased song dropping with my album, I put a lot of heart not only into that song specifically but into my entire album. It’s something that means a lot to me and I really hope people enjoy it”.

Lil Igloo recently released a single ‘Come Up 2’. As of right now his song ‘Make It Out’ on ’24’ is the most streamed and has 19k streams on Spotify.

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