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Interview With Kody Lavigne

Kody Lavigne is a rapper based out of LA. He has been featured on elevator twice, Promoting Sounds and Future Hype once. His first release was in 2019, which currently has 200k+ SoundCloud plays. Kody has been featured on songs with SypSki and Nick Bonin. Currently his most popular song is ‘No Room’ which has 300k+ streams/plays on Spotify and SoundCloud. 

kody lavigne

Now Let’s take a look into the questions we asked him – 

  1. How did you come up with your artist name?

“I came with up kody lavigne just sitting in my room really i knew I already wanted lavigne in my name, I just had randomly said kody out no where but I changed the c to a k cause I thought it looked cooler”

  1. What/who do you think got you into music?

“Honestly I’d say listening to Uzi [Lil Uzi Vert] around 2015 really got me wanting to actually start recording music but avril made wanna start music”

  1. Who would you like to have as a dream feature on one of your songs?

“I really wanna make songs with Avril and Owl City, those are like the big 2 to me. I could list names for days but those are the major ones for me”

  1. Are you related to or know Avril Lavigne?

“No I’m not related or know Avril she’s just a big inspiration to me”

  1. Do you have any music dropping soon? 

“Yes I do, I’m working on a project right now, it’ll be out soon. I’m just getting the songs together. I want it to be super crazy”

Kody Lavigne has 21k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, 10.k+ followers on Instagram and 7.9k+ followers on SoundCloud

To hear a unreleased snippet click here and get redirected to the Instagram post

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