inteNsifyCharts : The Interview

inteNsifyCharts is a YouTube channel created in 2016 but the first video was uploaded in 2017. The channel has amassed 533k subscribers and has had viral videos like “10 Heartbreaking Rap Lyrics of Our Generation” which has gained 8.9 million views. inteNsify is also very active in the underground scene, he has hosted shows and executive produced multiple singles.

Lets take a look at the questions we asked him-

What made you start “inteNsifyCharts”?

“I just got into my rap music phase and was sharing music with all of my friends and said fuck it, why not the internet as well. Honestly idk if I would be here if I wasn’t lucky af. Like fr my first video ever got like a few thousand views in the first week so that defo was motivation to keep going!”

What is the rap/hip hop scene like in Malaysia?

“It’s cool, few artists here and there but they only known in Malaysia. I be trying to shine light on Malaysian artists and work with them but the only one who actually fws me and my vision is @zamaeraaa

If you could collab with any youtuber who would it be?

“Music wise I’d love to collab with HIVEMIND. They got some of the most innovative ideas and they both seem like hella fun people. Outside of music I would say Captainsparklez, man is literally my entire childhood”

What is one goal you want to achieve in 2022?

“Make my next festival 10x bigger. And also drop an album that I genuinely fw from back to front. None of that filler shit. And another huge goal of mine was to transform my channel into a commentary channel. I’d do all the writing but I’ll get someone to join the team that’s witty who can handle the actual commentary. Once I finish University in a few months this will be my main focus.”

Can fans expect you to hop behind the mic for one of your singles?

“Ha ha ha. Probably never. Maybe an adlib or something who knows”

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