iazye virtuous

iayze releases new album “Virtuous” w/ Summrs

Rising star Iayze, based out of Texas, releases long-awaited, 11 track project “Virtuous”. With all the popularity Iayze has been gaining, he couldn’t have found a more perfect time to drop this album. “Virtuous” is only 20 minutes and 40 seconds long with only 1 feature, Summrs. There were 2 lead singles “ 556” and “YSL 2”, “556” has been going crazy on TikTok with more than 170,000 videos to the song. Iayze was also featured on PnB Rock’s recent project “SoundCloud Daze”.

A lot of people has the question in mind “How to pronounce Iayze?”, it is pronounced as “Jace” according to the rapper himself. Some of our favorite songs from the album were “Roxy” and “Fuck iayze, Pt. 3”. Iayze, when he was a very small rapper, allegedly used make cover arts for artists like YBN Nahmir and a few other mainstream rappers.

Iayze also went viral with his song “C’mere!”, the music video which was directed by @DotComNirvan, has gained more than 800,000 views on YouTube and 2,700,000 plays on SoundCloud. This is his 14th album, he released on Spotify, the first one dating back to 2019. As you can see he has been super consistent with his releases and has an interactive fanbase.

Check out “Virtuous” by Iayze