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HyperPop Daily hosts an underground show with UGS

Hyperpop Daily hosts its first annual meet and greet in collaboration with Underground Sound

Nobody before had expected an Instagram page to be so influential and host a successful concert. Hyperpop Daily also known as HPD was one of the hosts of the meet and greet, he has gained more than 50,000 followers on Instagram in less than 2 years. The other host was Underground Sound also known as “UGS”.

Many underground artists were invited to the show and big names like Rich Amiri and Twisty P also performed there. Rappers like Summrs, Yvngxchris, and Yeat were invited. Nigo Chanel, who is one of HPD’s good friends also performed.

The First Annual HPD Meet & Greet took place in Los Angeles. With a long line of fans waiting to get into the venue, the show was a happy success. This is speculated to happen every year from now and who knows what to expect for the next one.