How To Become a Rapper for Beginners

So you want to become a rapper, What do you do?

We’ll give you all the information you would need to kickstart your journey as a rapper.





•Releasing The Song 

•After First Release

•Advice From Patrick CC


So, to get started you must have a good voice/vocals. This can be learnt through practice, so even if you feel that your voice doesn’t sound good you can cultivate a voice or just go on with your own unique voice. (You will not learn anything about marketing/promoting your song)


Sometimes beats are the most important part of the song. Many songs are popular for their beat. The beat has to be catchy and new (unique). For beats there are 2 ways to go about it. The first is you can buy a beat from a producer on a website like “Beatstars” and the second is to make your own beats using DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) like “Fl Studio” which is paid and “LMMS” which is free. Now you may not know how to produce or how to make beats, you can check out tutorials on YouTube for any DAW of your choice. Once you have a beat ready, we can move onto the next step.


Lyrics are one of the toughest parts of making a song. You can either write it or freestyle the full song. While writing a song you have to focus on 2 main points. 

1.  Song Structure 

2.  Rhyme Scheme

What is Song Structure? Song structure is the structure of the song as the name suggests. The song structure is the order in which the verse, chorus, pre-chorus etcetera comes in the song. So the song structure is not really a fixed thing. Not all songs have the same structure. This image shows the normal and commonly used structure.

What is Rhyme Scheme? Rhyme scheme is the rhyming word usually at the end of the sentence. Here is an image for your better understanding

how to become a rapper

So, hoping that you got an idea on what rhyme scheme is, you can make this off the top of your head or use websites which provide the service of giving you rhyming words. 

So, With what you have understood as of now the next step is for you to know how to count bars on your beat. You can count the bars according to your beat like here is an example of an 8 Bar

1234 2234 3234 4234 

5234 6234 7234 8234

You can write your songs with this in mind now. You can write 8 bar verses 16 bar verses its your choice.

Another very important thing is that you NEED to have something to rap/write about. It can be your life/lifestyle and anything you would like to express to people.

Now once writing the song and having the lyrics is out of the way. We can move on to the next step.

The Song

Once you have the beat and lyrics it’s time to put them together. This is called mastering the track. You can learn all the basics of mastering you would need for your first track. Use this video to master your song

Now you have a Mix and Mastered song which you think is good. You can move onto the next step.

Releasing the song

Releasing the music masterpiece you created. You can release your music on any platform you like. There are free ones like YouTube and SoundCloud and paid ones like Spotify, Apple Music etc. You can use the website called “Distrokid” to release your music on all major platforms but Distrokid is not a free service.


There are many people on YouTube who will give you great tips on marketing and promoting your song. For example there is Patrick CC who shares tips and tricks for this

After your first Release 

After you have released your first single on your preferred platform, you can’t just stop, that doesn’t make you a rapper. You need to practice, make more songs, release more songs and just grow yourself as an artist and grow your fanbase.


Advice on how to become a rapper

Don’t care about what other people think in the beginning. And make stuff that you like listening to.” – Patrick CC (Youtuber/Influencer/Executive Producer)

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