frettz ghost of me

Frettz – Ghost Of Me

Featuring isaaac & Jay Splitz

The iconic trio (Frettz, isaaac & Jay Splitz) from the hit Glitch link up again on Ghost of Me, switching it up with an alternative relaxing drill instrumental with possible influence from Deno’s melodic rise to fame and JBee’s heart felt “Freestyle Flow”.

The song begins with isaac introducing the atmospheric chorus displaying his vocal ability creating a sound almost like the popular sample drill songs ringing throughout the UK Drill scene. Frettz Ghost of Me plays with the themes of relationships with relatable troubles in paradise, however focusing particularly on those with an up coming artist with a passion for music.

Frettz Ghost of Me is set to be the next big hit for the three independent artists, “Like most of our songs together, released and unreleased, Ghost of Me has been in the works for sometime” says Jay Splitz, “With the melodic drill scene coming up under our noses via TikTok and sample drill it felt like the right time to be releasing Ghost of Me.”

Frettz continued, “I just enjoy adding my own twist to what’s already popping. I love the way drill is moving at the moment into a more wavey and fun genre, but I hate to fall into a category and become just another drill artist trying to make it. I think that’s what really pushes me to adapt and experiment with my music.” The three explained how instead of sampling vocals from another artist they wanted to use and show off isaaacs vocals as the versatile artist had recently been in contacted by a major producer in the industry regarding distributing his first single, an indie pop love song inspired by the likes of Jeremy Zucker, Lauv and Alexander23.

The group of friends have been making music together since their early teen years, with isaaac briefly featuring on the outro of Frettz debut single Waste in 2020. isaaac and Jay also featured on Frettz debut album, Eternal Now, with isaaac on Decks & Veneno and Jay Splitz on No Pen.

Frettz Ghost of Me released July 20th 2022, with a music video by Alba Harden teased in a short snippet prior, judging by the success of Frettz recent releases and the trios first collaboration being their first song to reach over 100,000 streams we are confident Ghost of Me is one for the history books.

Frettz Ghost of Me
Produced by UNKNWN ft. isaaac & Jay Splitz

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