Interview with FEEZO!

‘Feezo’ also known as Felix Hamilton is a beat maker/producer who has worked with artists like ‘RLS J.Dot’, ‘Don Uzy’ & more. He also has a very successful YouTube channel where he mainly does tutorials surrounding beat making, different DAWs, music theory & many more topics. He has gained 13k+ subscribed since he started and his community is still growing. Read the full post as he answers commonly asked questions by new producers.

First we asked him a few questions about himself and his career – 

How did he come up with his artist name?

“I was friends with $tilo $antana (or “Stuckey!” I think he’s going by now) for a while, and then he introduced me to his group of rappers called RLS with some people like RLS J. Dot and Anti$ocial, and I needed a producer name at the time, so they kind of just started calling me feezo and it just caught on from there”

What got him into music?

“I have always been around music ever since I was probably a newborn baby, I have pictures of me as a 3 year old with a guitar in my hands. So music has always been a huge part of my life, but I really got into producing when I first started listening to rap music and I fell in love with all of the beats that I was hearing, and I wanted to make them myself!”

Who is his idol in the music industry?

“I wouldn’t really say that I have any idols specifically, but there are a lot of bands and artists that I take a lot of inspiration from in my music (probably way too many to name all of them). If I had to pick one specific “idol” I would probably say Taz Taylor. People don’t realize how smart he is about not just music but also business and marketing and all that stuff.”

Does he have any upcoming projects?

“As far as future projects, I really want to make a few collaboration tapes with some of the rappers that I work with, and I also want to do some more innovative stuff on YouTube that no one has done before, which is kinda my ultimate goal on YouTube usually.”

What’s his dream placement?

“There’s a few rappers that I would want to make music with, Polo G, hooligan chase, Denzel curry, JID to name just a few, but I really want to work with more bands and kind of tap into more of the “old fashioned” live instrumentation way of music making. Men I Trust would be a dream band of mine to make some music with”

Which song he produced was his favourite?

“And then I think my personal favorite song that I’ve produced is “follow me” by Hotboy Vinny. He’s super talented and I’d love to make some more songs with him as well.”

And Then we asked him questions new producers commonly have –

What plugins do famous producers use?

“a lot of famous producers use plugins like omnisphere, keyscape, rc20, and serum just to name a few, but honestly there are a lot of good free alternatives and cheaper alternatives that are just as good. It’s more about the producer than what tools they have”

Feezo’s video related to this question –

Can you become a superstar DJ if you use ghost producers?

“to be 100% honest I don’t really know that much about the DJing world, but if you have a good marketing scheme you can make anything work”

Is FL Studio better than Pro Tools?

“FL and pro tools are used for kinda different things, FL is much better for making beats and pro tools is generally used more for engineering/mixing so I can’t really compare the two to be honest”

Is LMMS a good DAW?

“LMMS is really good for starting out making beats but for the long term it can be very limiting, which is the main reason why I switched to FL Studio. But I would say that there’s no better free program to start out on than LMMS.”

What is the best free site for a music producer?

“The best site for loops as a producer is definitely looperman, which I used for a long time. And honestly the best site for drum kits is just r/drumkits on Reddit. Everything you need is on there… just don’t download any stolen drumkits like monte booker’s or nick mira’s kits lol”

Is a 16-bit or 24-bit audio better?

I’m not the biggest expert on audio stuff like that, some people say 24 bit is best to export your beats in, but some people say 32 bit is better. Honestly there’s not that much audible difference between even mp3 and wav. Most people will never tell the difference…”

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