cochise rapper


Cochise is a 22 year old rapper from South Florida. He started his music career on Soundcloud with ‘Yellow Volvo’, which currently has 24k plays. He has worked with artists like Lil Yatchy and $not. 

Cochise has 3 EPs and 1 Album released as of now. His song ‘Hatchback’ was what first drew attention to him. The song currently has 73.9 Million on Spotify, 14 Million on Soundcloud and 13 Million on YouTube. He wishes to work with artists like Tyler, The Creator and Pharrell.

Before he was a rapper, he used to be very into soccer. He began his rap career after his graduation. Cochise doesn’t hide his love for video games and anime, from song lyric references to Instagram posts flexing his video game collection. 

cochise rapper

Well if you had the question in mind, “ How to pronounce Cochise rapper name? “. He says that it’s pronounced as “ Co – Cheese “. He says that he got his name from an old 1970s movie “The Warriors”, the character was played by David Harris. Before he was a rapper, he used to want to be a pirate. 

Cochise currently has 5.3 Million monthly listeners on Spotify, 248k on Instagram and 200k on YouTube.

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