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Eem Triplin : Who? When? How?

Eem Triplin is 21 year old (Born on February 13th 2001) rapper and producer. He is based out of Pennsylvania. Eem first started out as a producer back in 2015. He was first influenced by his brother who used to make techno beats. He said something along the lines of that when the other kids were playing video games, he was busy making music. Eem found his shine in his “type” beat  producer days by making Lucki type beats. On his “Eem Triplin” YouTube channel, still a good amount of the most popular videos are the beats he produced back in the day.

He released his first project “Nowhere” back in February of 2019 and then another one in December. Eem has produced multiple songs for bigger artists like $NOT and Token. He says that in 2020 $NOT and him got locked in after that. They met for the first time at the Lyrical Lemonade set for $NOT’s “Revenge” music video.

eem triplin

Eem Triplin has been showing consistent numbers and it’s very soon he’s going to get picked up by a label. His most popular song is “AWKWARD FREESTYLE”, which has amassed more than 25 Million streams across all platforms. Recently Eem and $NOT dropped their collab track “Let You Know”. 

Back in September he went viral on Twitter after posting a clip of him performing at Rolling Loud titled “performed at rolling loud for 13 people. gotta start somewhere 🙏🏿” . The tweet got more than 11,000 retweets and replies from accounts like AXE and more. 

Even Drake and 21 Savage were bumping to Eem a few days back on OVO’s Sound42 SiriusXM channel. 

Eem Triplin has 32K+ followers on SoundCloud, 168K+ on YouTube, 1.2M+ on Spotify and 150K+ on Instagram.

Check out Eem’s Spotify- “AWKWARD FREESTLYE” and “Just Friends?”