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Bring My Song To Life : Custom Music For Any Occasion

The composers and musicians who create the high-quality tracks for Bring My Song To Life, the custom music platform where anyone can start a memorable moment with a professionally crafted custom song, have made over $1 million combined. These brilliant musicians have been assisting folks who aren’t composers make music for important occasions like anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays since the company was founded in 2019.

Mylène Besançon and Chris Erhardt founded Tunedly, which later led to the creation of Bring My Song To Life. The artist payments from the Bring My Song To Life and Tunedly projects are included in today’s release

“One million dollars in artist payout is a special moment for our business, and these talented

musicians deserve every dollar of this massive achievement,” said Mylène Besançon, CEO of Bring My Song To Life. “The memories they’ve created for our customers will be cherished for years to come-we’re so grateful for the joy we’ve been able to spread through the power of music.”

Here’s how their artists generate custom songs for special occasions:

  • Customers choose the narrative for their song. No prior songwriting or composition skills are required; after choosing one of three packages, customers fill up their purchase form with as much information as they like about the event, the intended audience, and the desired response.
  • Professional songwriters create original lyrics. Customers can evaluate, approve, or suggest adjustments to the original draft via email.
  • The artists from Bring My Tune To Life write and record the custom song. Customers have a choice of genres or can let the staff make the selection. Before it is finished, the song will be accessible for critique. Turnaround is between five and fourteen days, and the finished recordings are between three and five minutes long.

First dances, gifts for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day are popular occasions for personalised music.

Visit their website: to find out more about the songwriting process and to listen to samples. Send an email to to get in touch.