4batz & His Journey to Online Stardom

In the midst of an irony-drenched internet culture, 4batz’s global debut was nothing short of striking. Draped in a black Shiesty tank top and flanked by a solemn, balaclava-clad entourage, the mysterious artist’s From the Block YouTube performance initially seemed like a gritty trench freestyle destined for greatness. However, it defied expectations. Floating over an ethereal instrumental, 4batz expressed tender sentiments to a lover, showcasing a delicate, otherworldly tenor that contrasted with the tough Dallas, Texas street backdrop. Since its release last month, the video has garnered over 2 million YouTube views.

This moment marked the emergence of the internet’s latest musical enigma, an artist garnering nods from Kanye West, coupled with a surge in monthly streams and a notable online presence. A quick YouTube or TikTok search reveals 4batz’s rapid ascent, sparking curiosity among social media enthusiasts. Titles like “He Does NOT Look Like He Sounds…” and TikToks dubbing 4batz’s songs as “low-key fire” have become commonplace. Even Kai Cenat expressed his astonishment, and the reposted video has amassed over 2 million views.

Unraveling the Enigma: Who is 4batz, and What Led to His Rise?


Neko Bennett, known as 4batz, hails from Dallas, Texas, or at least that’s his current residence according to his official Twitter and SoundCloud accounts. The street sign “Strawberry TR 6500” in the “Act II: Date @ 8” performance video points to a Dallas community.

While 4batz’s ascent seems sudden, it unfolded in distinct stages. Last October, he uploaded “Act I: Stickerz ’99” to his YouTube channel, accumulating over 700,000 views. However, it lacked the striking visual elements that defined subsequent releases. The turning point came with the first From the Block performance, featuring the balaclava. This was followed by the showcase for “Act II: Date @ 8,” presenting him with a crew reminiscent of a Lil Baby video.

Sonically, 4batz embodies a fusion of The-Dream and a pitched-up Brent Faiyaz—a gentle, atmospheric, and yearning form of alt-R&B. With only two releases, his artistic range remains a mystery.

4batz possesses a unique sound, complemented by From the Block performances that blend trench visuals with whispery R&B, creating a surprising audio-visual alignment ripe for virality. Videos of fan reactions, reposted on TikTok, further amplify the shock factor, fueling discussions in group chats, YouTube reaction videos, and quote-tweets. 4batz stands at the epicenter of these self-sustaining conversations.

A Star in the Ascendant with Unprecedented Recognition

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop and R&B, 4batz has garnered considerable acclaim. A recent Instagram video depicted him FaceTiming Kanye West, drawing supportive comments from Timbaland and Ty Dolla $ign. SZA complimented 4batz on his second From the Block performance, while Timbaland expressed interest in a collaboration with Drake.

While trends may come and go, talent endures. 4batz, with his ethereal tone and captivating visuals, embodies a unique blend of elements, propelling him to sudden fame. His first two singles have collectively surpassed 27 million streams on Spotify. From December to the present, his monthly Spotify stream count has surged from the 400,000s to over 3.6 million. “Act II: Date @ 8” even debuted at No. 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with multiple TikToks featuring his music garnering millions of views.

In the intricate web of internet stardom, 4batz emerges as a captivating anomaly, holding the online audience in suspense with his unexpected synthesis of aesthetics and sound. As the mystery surrounding his identity deepens, it’s evident that 4batz has firmly established himself in the limelight, leaving fans and industry figures alike eager to witness the trajectory of his enigmatic journey.