24 By Patrick CC

Patrick CC is a youtuber, content creator and executive producer . He has 448k subscribers on his YouTube channel which was started back in 2017. Recently he had a music video for a song from an album he executive produced the song is ‘Black Hole Sun’ . The video was done by overcast and can be found on YouTube.

 ‘24’ is his second album after ‘Launch Sequence’. Now if you ask what’s so special about this album?, well it was made in 24 hours through patrick’s discord server which is filled with underground rappers, producers, graphic designers and more. On April 28th he announced this challenge and it started on May 1st and ended on May 2nd, people started making beats, recording vocals and making cover arts for the album as soon as it was announced. 

The album contains 8 tracks by artists like beku san and more. The album is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. 

24 Album Cover patrick cc

24 Album Tracklist patrick cc

Patrick thought of this challenge for a video on his channel which could go viral making the album go viral. He has done a challenge like this before but rather than it being in 24 hours it was completely made with Fiverr artists, producers, engineers, song writers and artist for the cover art of the album. This was only released on SoundCloud. His last album ‘Launch Sequence’ has 1M+ streams on Spotify.

Patrick CC currently has 85k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, 448k subscribers on YouTube and 40k+ on Instagram.